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How to get a new password for your SpamPanel

You can do a lot of things from your SpamPanel. First you must login.  If you’ve forgotten your password or have not yet set one, here’s what you’ll need to do. Go to https://login.antispamcloud.com/ Click on the Retrieve log-in link as pictured above. Type in your full email address (@connectnc.net, @pinehurst.net, etc).  Then click on Submit. […]

AntiSpamCloud Protection Report

ConnectNC is making changes to the mail system used by customers who have pinehurst.net/connectnc.net email addresses. We are using a new cloud spam and virus filter, which will catch spam before it reaches the mail server.  The new service has a much simpler daily quarantine report. Your choices are: Release Release and Train – release […]

Barracuda Password Reset

Your Barracuda Message Center password is the same for all senders who have sent encrypted messages to you at your email address.  If you are not able to login, please try resetting your password.  You are only asked to create a password for your message center the very first time you receive an encrypted message. […]

How to Configure iPhone Mail

Go to Settings and tap on Mail or Accounts and Passwords (depending on IOS version). Tap on Add Account. Tap Other. Going forward, you will just need to know your email account information, which is your email address, your password, and your mail server addresses for incoming and outgoing mail. For hosting accounts, both incoming […]

Set up two-factor authentication for your cPanel account

Hosting customers may use two-factor authentication (2fa) to better secure their cPanel accounts.  2fa adds an extra level of security. It requires a smart phone app called Google Authenticator, which is available for Android and iPhone. You should be familiar with the steps required to install an app on your phone before you begin.  Unfortunately, […]

Strong Passwords Protect You and Others

Using Strong Passwords In our ongoing effort to protect our clients and ourselves from malicious actors, we require the use of strong passwords with all accounts. How can I make sure my password is strong enough? There are a number of strong password generators on the web. One of my favorite ones is provided by Norton […]

ConnectNC Managed Hosted Exchange

ConnectNC Managed Hosted Exchange Email Features Email Features Microsoft Outlook compatible Yes Outlook Web Access Yes Mailbox Size 20GB Personal Calendar Yes Contact Management Yes Task Management Yes Notes Management Yes SPAM Protection Yes Virus Protection Yes SSL Yes POP3, IMAP4, SMTP Access Yes Forwarding Unlimited (see “Forwarding”) Aliases Unlimited Personal Address Book Yes Mobile […]

Additional storage available for pinehurst.net email accounts

ConnectNC DSL customers have pinehurst.net/connectnc.net email accounts included with their service. Other customers may use ConnectNC’s pinehurst.net/connectnc.net email service for a monthly fee. Rates are billed quarterly and are listed below.  Monthly cost  Storage $8.50 500 MB $10.50 1.0 GB $12.50 1.5 GB $14.50 2.0 GB $16.50 2.5 GB $18.50 3.0 GB $29.99 6.0 GB […]