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Set up two-factor authentication for your cPanel account

Hosting customers may use two-factor authentication (2fa) to better secure their cPanel accounts.  2fa adds an extra level of security. It requires a smart phone app called Google Authenticator, which is available for Android and iPhone. You should be familiar with the steps required to install an app on your phone before you begin.  Unfortunately, […]

Strong Passwords Protect You and Others

Using Strong Passwords In our ongoing effort to protect our clients and ourselves from malicious actors, we require the use of strong passwords with all accounts. How can I make sure my password is strong enough? There are a number of strong password generators on the web. One of my favorite ones is provided by Norton […]

Additional storage available for pinehurst.net email accounts

Other customers may use ConnectNC’s pinehurst.net/connectnc.net email service for a monthly fee. Rates are billed quarterly and are listed below.  Monthly cost  Storage $8.50 500 MB $10.50 1.0 GB $12.50 1.5 GB $14.50 2.0 GB $16.50 2.5 GB $18.50 3.0 GB $29.99 6.0 GB $49.99 12.0 GB Email accounts include: Spam & virus filtering Daily […]

Configuring iPad Email for Your Hosting Account

This article describes how to configure your iPad Mail for your ConnectNC hosting account. Please substitute your actual email account information wherever we have used yourdomain.com or chilesauce.com as examples. This is written for an intermediate iPad user. We assume that you understand how to get to your iPad settings, and how to use your iPad […]

Secure your communication

Contact us today for an encrypted email demo!  This email encryption and spam filtering service works in conjunction with your company emails, and can work with your current email hosting provider, or we can host your email instead. Great for: Dentists, Physicians, Real Estate Agents, Attorneys, Financial Advisors, and any business who needs to email […]

Fake Flash Update Warning

Fake Flash Update Warning There’s a certain web site I’ve visited a few times that produces a fake flash update warning.  Beware of these warnings.  Adobe will never display a warning such as this when you’re surfing the web. Here’s a screen capture. First of all, I want to warn everyone never to click on […]

FBI issues another warning about tech support phone scams

I’m pasting this in verbatim, because The FBI has very effectively communicated the extent of the problem. Be very careful about giving remote access to your computers to people you don’t know and trust! 3 November 2014 Alert Number I-111314-PSA NEW TWIST TO THE TELEPHONE TECH SUPPORT SCAM The IC3 has produced Scam Alerts in […]

The POODLE exploit

If you’re on the web much, have any online banking accounts or watch TV news, you’ve probably heard about POODLE in the last few weeks. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I’m going to post some links here for those of you who are interested to peruse. What you need to know about the SSLv3 “POODLE” […]

Avoid installing junk you don’t need

For quite some time, the applications we trust and use every day have been tricking us into installing extra stuff we don’t need during the update process. One example is Adobe Flash (pictured below). Sometimes, their “gift” to you is the Chrome browser. Other times, it’s the Ask toolbar. In this case, it’s McAfee Security […]