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Changing your Windows PC Dialup Configuration

Windows 95, ME and 98 (not supported) In Internet Explorer, click on Tools from the menu at the top Click on Internet Options Click Connections Click on the correct connection and then click the Settings button Here’s where you should change your username and the telephone number. Save Windows XP Go to the Control Panel […]

Outlook Express Toolbar Disappears

If your Outlook Express toolbar has disappeared, the following steps will get it back for you. 1.      Right click on the grey bar beside the help menu 2. Left click once on “Toolbar.”  There should now be a check mark next to “Toolbar.”

I didn’t use my Internet last month. Why was I charged?

It’s the customer’s responsibility to disconnect service, if necessary. If you’ll be away for an extended period of time, you can place your account on hold and we will disconnect your service for that period of time. Let us know a week before you return, and we’ll make sure your high speed Internet account is […]

Facebook users unwittingly spread Koobface worm

Facebook users unwittingly spread Koobface worm http://usat.me/?11113 To view the story, click the link or paste it into your browser. Copyright 2009, USATODAY.com Facebook users are being targeted by a nasty new version of the Koobface worm — dubbed Koobface.GK — that compels its victims to manually participate in creating a new Facebook account to […]

Facebook Virus

If you receive an email with the following message please do not open the attachment and delete it immediately. It is a virus. Dear Facebook user, Due to Facebook policy changes, all Facebook users must submit a new, updated account agreement, regardless of their original account start date. Accounts that do not submit the updated account agreement […]

Lost all my data on my computer!

This is all too common of a phone call for us here at ConnectNC, Inc.  It’s such a sad call to receive, when you hear that coming from a crying customer who didn’t back up their computer :-(  Computer Backups are So important.  We are asked all too often how to restore lost files and […]

When your computer keeps crashing

If your computer is connected to the Internet, or not, but continues to crash and stop working, it’s a good idea to make an appointment with us for local computer support in the Pinehurst, Southern Pines, Aberdeen area of the Sandhills, NC. Be prepared to let us know certain things like What error number if […]