Email Hosting, Email Encryption and Email Spam and Virus Filtering Services

Email Hosting Services

email_iconPeople find email to be a quick and convenient way to conduct their business communications. One marketing firm survey indicates that 3/4 of people they interviewed would rather communicate by email than telephone.

Are you still using a free email service to send company messages?  A business email account will give your office some extra credibility.

Other email services include professional email hosting, spam & virus filtering, secure encrypted emails, as well as mass mailings.

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Spam & Virus Filtering

spam and virus filtering for business email and websitesFree 30 day trial of email spam and virus filtering!

ConnectNC, Inc. provides a powerful spam filtering service which delivers sophisticated message filtering technology to businesses as well as individuals. Our anti spam filtering service provides advanced pattern recognition techniques which scan your incoming email messages to remove any spam or virus before they are delivered to your mailbox.

Our spam filtering technology works by changing your domain’s MX (mail exchange) record.  We’ll provide you instructions on how to make these changes.  If you are already a customer hosting your website with us, we will make these changes for you.  Even if you host your website with another provider, you will still be able to use our powerful Spam and Virus Filtering solutions.  It’s as simple as asking your hosting provider to change your MX record.  Email is then filtered before it reaches your company’s email server.  There are no administrative tasks for you to struggle with, and no hardware or software to purchase.  This spam filtering service eliminates 99% of your junk email and all viruses that come along with it.

It offers you and/or your business a month-to-month spam filtering service with no long term commitments.  Whether you are an individual, have one employee, or hundreds, this is the most powerful, cost effective, and easiest anti-spam filter available today.

$15.00 / month priced in increments of 10.  Currently offering free setup!

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Managed Hosted Exchange Mail

Perfect for small business.  More storage. Shared contacts and calendars. Sync mailboxes.

Secure HIPAA Compliant Email Encryption

What is HIPAA Compliant Email Encryption?

The Secure Encrypted Email service provides your business with the ability to send messages securely right from your desktop’s email client. There’s no need for the creation of third party accounts for your recipient or yourself.

You use your own domain name. Your recipient will not be confused, since the encrypted message comes right from your email address!

The recipient will have an easy to use secure message center on the web from which to view your message, download attachments and respond.

Who needs HIPAA Compliant Email Encryption?

Any business that wishes to securely send private information, including imaging, documents, financial or health information electronically needs email encryption services.   Email encryption can be used by any professional who needs to protect his or her clients’ sensitive private information: attorneys, CPAs, medical offices, assisted living facilities, and more.

When should I use HIPAA Compliant Email Encryption?

Use the encrypted mail service any time you need to protect private information.

Why should I use HIPAA Compliant Email Encryption?

You may be required by law to use an encrypted mail service for the transmission of private patient information via email.  Check the the regulatory bodies associated with your industry.  Using an encrypted mail service shows your clients or patients that you care about their privacy by protecting sensitive information.

The general public is welcome to refer their professional services providers to us.


The Secure Encrypted Email service starts at only $7/mailbox per month (5 mailbox minimum). Mail archiving, Inbound and outbound email spam and virus filtering are also available. Contact us for more information.

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