Strong Passwords Protect You and Others

Using Strong Passwords

In our ongoing effort to protect our clients and ourselves from malicious actors, we require the use of strong passwords with all accounts.

How can I make sure my password is strong enough? There are a number of strong password generators on the web. One of my favorite ones is provided by Norton IdentitySafe, and can be found here:

If you’re curious about how long it would take to crack your current password, try entering it here:

It’s not uncommon for clients to proclaim, “I don’t care if someone gets into my email. I don’t have anything that matters in there.” We explain that it’s how a compromise affects others they should be concerned about. Once your email account is compromised, a spammer can use it to send out unsolicited junk. A hacker from another country can use it to send out phishing messages or malware. Many times, the perpetrator uses your contact list, so your own friends and relatives may be affected! Our mail servers may end up being blocked by other services, which means none of our customers would be able to send email anymore.

Please do your best to protect yourself and others by choosing a strong password. Change it regularly. Don’t use the same password on multiple online accounts.

If you have any questions about how to change your password, please send us a message.  Thanks for your understanding about our requirement for strong user passwords on our network services.

Please read our password policy here: