Password Policy

User Password Policy

For your protection, we require you to create passwords with a combination of alpha (mixed upper and lower case), numeric and special characters.

Passwords comprised entirely of common words in the dictionary, numbers only, names or identical to your ConnectNC userid are not acceptable.

New accounts with insecure passwords will be disabled until the insecure password is changed.

Bad Passwords:

  • Pinehurst
  • Cat88
  • secret
  • 121212

Good Passwords:

  • 975P’nhU
  • 3F4Ub$fx
  • X_Sec2r3t!

Remember, if your password is identified by someone else, your Internet access account can be used to deface a web site or engage in other malicious activity. This isn’t only for your protection, it’s to protect our entire network and all of our customers!

If you have trouble thinking up a secure password, you can generate strong passwords online at or here

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