Using mod rewrite to redirect someone based on their search phrase

Blogging is really fun and can provide people with lots of useful information. When you’ve had a blog for as many years as I have, you see trends evolve. My blog is mainly about myeloma, but a lot of people go there to read about shingles.

People find the blog by searching on a variety of phrases, but they may find just one of my many pages about the experiences I’ve had with shingles. What if I want them to land on my main shingles post that has a link to all the other pages? This bit of code from my .htaccess file ensures that folks who searched on “shingles” alone or in addition to “picture,” “treatment” or “rash,” will be sent to the main blog post about shingles.

RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} [?+&]?shingles[?+&]? [NC]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} [?+&]?(picture|treatment|rash?)[?+&]? [NC]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^alternate_page\.html$
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^([^/]+/)*[^/.]+\.[^/.]+$
RewriteRule .*  [R=302,L]

You must be sure that RewriteEngine On is included and that your server (Apache) is allowing mod rewrite. I have no idea how this would be accomplished using IIS, since I don’t use or care for IIS at all. I’ve been using Apache since 1995 (on linux or some *nix), and will stick with what I know best (and what works best!).

Keep in mind that other rewrites put in place by programs such as WordPress might interfere with your own code. If you end up with errors, try another way.

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How do I send mail through my hosting account?

ConnectNC hosting customers have a few options for sending e-mail.

  1. We recommend that customers always use the outgoing mail server of the ISP they connect to the Internet through. For example, If your DSL provider is Verizon, we ask that you send using Verizon’s outgoing (smtp) mail server. You will need to call your ISP or check their web site for outgoing mail server settings.
  2. If you are unable, for whatever reason, to send out through your ISP’s outgoing server, we need to have you call them to find out why.
  3. If you’re traveling, you can send out mail through your web server using SMTP auth. However, most hotels and business establishments block port 25 traffic, so you may find that this solution doesn’t work either. If that’s the case, then you should use your company webmail for outgoing messages or ask the hotel concierge or a network administrator what setting you should use.

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How do I add a new email address to my hosting account?

Log in to the server administration of your web site. This information is located on the document that was sent to you upon setting up your hosting account with ConnectNC, Inc. If you do not have your documentation please contact us here and we will be glad to resend you the information. Once you are logged into the server you will do the following:

  1. Click on mailboxes/users
  2. Click on add user
  3. Give username
  4. Enter name
  5. Enter Password – make sure passwords are atleast 6-8 characters and are alpha numeric
  6. Re-enter password
  7. Give allocated amount of space the mailbox should have
  8. Click add

If you need to set up an alias for a user or set up a mailbox that will forward to another address:

  1. Log in to server
  2. Click on aliases
  3. Click on add an alias
  4. Type in the name of the alias (this will be the name
  5. If the user is going to be an alias for a mailbox already created select the name from the list in Forward to box
  6. If the alias is for a user that will forward to an outside mailbox such as, hotmail, gmail,, etc.. enter the full email address in the 3rd box Forward To(outside of domain; comma-separated):

Transferring your domain to another registrar

If you’ve chosen to transfer your domain to another registrar, please call the web support line at 910-695-7068, extension 22 to let us know of your intent to move your domain. For your protection, we don’t approve any blind email requests from other registrars or third parties. Only the account holder of record may make changes to the account.


Can I get a CD of all my web site files?

If you’re not comfortable backing up your own web files to a CD, ConnectNC can do that for you.

Each instance is $75. ConnectNC will provide the CD or CDs, which will contain all web files, email and database files that exist at that precise moment in time. If you make changes to your web site after ConnectNC has copied your site to CD, those changes will not be on the CD.

Please add $3 for each additional CD used. Only the first CD is included in the $75 fee.

ConnectNC makes nightly backups of every web site hosted here. If you need to have your web site restore from a backup, please call us.


Accessing webmail

If you ‘d like to use webmail to read and respond to your e-mail, here’s the quickest way to get started.

please enter a vaild domain name hosted by ConnectNC.

1. Go to (use your real domain name!)
Login to webmail
2. After logging in, choose one of the three webmail programs. Squirrelmail is very simple. Horde has more features. Roundcube has a great user interface. Pick one and see what you think.

Choose a webmail program

As you can see, other actions can be completed from your mail administration screen. We’ll cover these in other posts.

Configuring Apple Mail for your domain

Setting up Apple Mail can be accomplished in just a few easy steps.

1. Click on Mail and then Preferences from the menu at the top of the Mail screen.

2. Click on the Accounts icon and then click the + sign in the lower left corner.

3. The General Information window will appear. Fill in your information, based on the example below. Please use your actual email address and information.

Screen cap 1

4. Click Continue.

5. In the Incoming Mail Server window, complete the required information. Refer to the example below, but replace with your actual domain name.

Screen cap 2

6. Click the Continue button on the Incoming Mail Security window without clicking anything else.

Screen cap 3

7. Click Continue on the Outgoing Mail Security window.


8. Review the information in the Account Summary Window. If everything is correct, click Continue. If you see any errors, click Go Back.


9. Click on Done, if you’re done! If you want to create another email account, you may do so by clicking on the Create Another Account button.


For more information about setting up Apple Mail, please visit