How do I sign up for your Spam and Virus Filtering?

  1. First contact ConnectNC to let us know you are interested in signing up for our spam and virus filtering.
  2. We will ask that you email us a list of all email accounts
  3. Once we have your email accounts set up on the filter we will then make the necessary DNS changes if we host your site and your mail will start./
  4. If we do not host your site we will let you know when the filtering is set up and ask that you have your Web Hosting Provider make the following DNS changes:
    • Change the MX record to be (be sure this is the only mx record they have otherwise you will allow spam to bypass the filter)
    • Create a “” record so we can have filtered mail delivered to your mail server.  Make sure your mail server continues to accept mail for your domain.

* Cost of filtering is $15 per month per 10 email accounts.