Web hosting customers may receive a notice that looks like the one in the image below. This is a phishing attempt to get you to click on the link so the bad actors can gain access to your cPanel account by tricking you into entering your credentials into the form on the fake website.

Please contact us if you should receive a warning like this.  Notice that the sender address is @cpanel.net.   If you mouse over the link in the body of the text, you will notice that the link points to a third-party site that is not associated with ConnectNC or cPanel.

Please be careful when clicking on links in email messages.  Contact us to ask about our “Cloud Protect” service, which scans links in email and will stop bad links from appearing in your email.

ConnectNC offers spam & virus filtering, encrypted email services, email archiving, and other specialized email services, such as mailing lists.

image of cpanel phishing warning