Be careful about e-mail greeting cards!

I recently received a Hallmark greeting card from a “friend” in my email in box. The message was NOT, however, a greeting card from a friend. It was an attempted attack on my machine. Since I use a Mac, I didn’t have to worry about this particular trojan. The evildoers who propagated this trojan want you to install zapchast on your Windows computer by clicking on their link and use it to do bad deeds.

What can you do to protect yourself? First of all, install a reputable security application on your PC, from a company such as Symantec or McAfee and KEEP IT UPDATED! We can do this for you as part of our Virtual IT service. I don’t open anything with attachments from people I don’t know, or anything that I haven’t asked for or know about in advance, really. In fact, I don’t open greeting cards and those types of things ever, since I have an aversion to animated stuff with what I consider to be unpleasant music. I still send greeting cards via snail mail. :)

If you have Internet or network security needs, please give our office a call and schedule an appointment. Call (910) 695-7068, ext. 10. Be careful out there!