How Do I get rid of spam!

How do you get rid of spam cluttering your mailbox every day? Most of us would have hundreds of spam and viruss messages each day without some spam and virus filtering. There are many different types of filtering. Some spam filters work on your computer AFTER your email has already come into your computer. So you are taking up tons of disk space and adding more clutter to go through. Others, such as the service we offer for hosted emails, filter at the spam and virus filtering server. Ours is called Barracuda and is state of the art, widely known for its effectiveness in beating spam and viruses. The way it works, in everyday terms, is that your email first travels through our spam and virus filtering server. There, it stays if it is spam or virus! You only get on your computer what is valid. You then have daily email reports from our spam and virus filtering server, showing what was trapped, giving you the opportunity to RELEASE the spam (not the virus though!!!) if you wanted it. How do we get it to work? You simply setup a record in your DNS to tell your email to flow through our spam filtering server. That’s it. If we host your website, we set that up free of charge. If you host elsewhere, just ask whomever controls your DNS to change the setting for you. We have so many customers who are thankful for this service, since it saves HOURS per day, that we are confident you will want it after our 30 day free trial of spam and virus filtering. Fill out this form or call us at 888-290-4601 ext 22 today!! After the 30 days it is only $1.50 per email per month (min 10 emails per domain).

“Testimony is in the numbers. My spam has dropped from well over 100/day to almost none!
– C. Smithson”