Adding a Forwarder What is a Forwarder?Please see caution below! A forwarder is also called an alias. It's an email... Adding an autoresponder for your hosting account Here's a link to a YouTube video we created that shows you how to add an auto responder in your... Asking for help with your email When you need help with your email, there are some bits of information we will need before we can... Avast free anti-virus settings have changed and now I can't get my email How do I change Avast TLS/SSL settings? Open Avast Click on Real Time Shield Click on Mail... Changing your cPanel email password ConnectNC hosting customers and their employees or other users can perform a variety of tasks... Check email from your hosting accounts with Gmail Retrieved from on February 10, 2016If you... Configure Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for POP Mail This article assumes that you are familiar with navigating through your mobile phone settings.?... Creating an Auto Responder Did you ever wonder how people get those "away" or "vacation" messages that instantly come back... Creating an Email Signature in RoundCube Log into your Webmail dashboard and choose the RoundCube option. From the RoundCube... Deleting Messages from Webmail deletes them from my computer If clearing messages from webmail clears the messages from your local mail client then you have... Domain has exceeded the max defers and failures per hour What is this error? If you are receiving an error similar to "Domain has exceeded... Domain has exceeded the max emails per hour ConnectNC's default maximum hourly email by domain relayed is 75 messages per hour.? If you would... Forwarding Hosting Server Settings The following is the information that you will need in order to set up your account: Incoming... I keep downloading the same messages over and over again If you find that you are downloading the same emails over and over again it is highly likely that... I set up my account using the CPanel email configuration, now I am unable to delete the account If you used the CPanel email configuration wizard to add your account to your IPhone or IPad and... Messages Stuck in Outbox When you are trying to send messages and they stay in the outbox you can try to do the following... Messages stuck in outbox on Android phone If you have messages stuck in the outbox on your Android phone and are not able to delete them... My Phone/Computer is not downloading messages Quarantined Items To release messages that are in your quarantine you can use the release button that is in the... Remove Email Account from Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S III Touch Apps Touch Email Touch Menu Touch Settings Touch Delete Touch the... SquirrelMail has been removed by cPanel - 2/25/2019 cPanel,  the company whose hosting platform we use, has made a determination that the SqurrelMail... Unable to Delete Messages on the IPhone Whenever you try to delete messages on your IPhone and you get the message unable to move to... Unable to send email If you are unable to send emails please check the following:SMTP AUTHENTICATION That you are... Unable to send email while away from home (Port 25 blocked) How to Change Your SMTP Port to Allow Sending Email If you can't send email while you're away... Whitelisting Addresses In order to whitelist a sender you can do the following: Go to Log in with... Windows Phone Configuration To set up an email account from an Internet Service Provider (ISP) If you have an email...
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