Renewing Expired Domains

If the registrant WHOIS information indicates that "Reactivation Period" is the registered owner, this means that your domain name has been expired for at least 15 days and needs to be renewed as soon as possible (should you wish to retain the domain name.) The registrar, Enom, has paid to renew your domain to allow a grace period, which is why the expiration date shows next year. Once you have renewed your domain, the previous WHOIS information will again be displayed.

If you do not renew before the end of the (non-guaranteed) 29-day renewal grace period, your domain may be sold in auction, removed from the account, or go into?redemption, during which time there is an additional fee involved to recover the domain. Renew your domain quickly to retain the domain and automatically restore all of your domain services (like your website and email).

If you need help renewing your domain but don't know who you bought it from, just click the link to find your Service Provider and enter your domain:?Domain Service Provider.

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