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We strongly urge you to backup your own account data, however, ConnectNC does do monthly backups of all hosted sites. Should you ever need to have a backup restored, ConnectNC can perform a site recovery for you for $250.00.  Since backups are done monthly, you will lose any edits you have done after the last backup was performed, once the restore is complete. ConnectNC only backs up this data for the purpose of our own recovery from a catastrophic event, such as hardware failure. Data backups are complete site and database backups. 

Email accounts are included in the full backup. If you have not backed up your email files, we can ONLY restore what existed on the server at the time of the last backup.

Again, we strongly urge you backup your own site as often as you need to, and to store that data in a safe place. Backing up your web site data and storing it on the server will not help you if the server should crash.

For more information about how to backup your own web site, please refer to this knowledgebase article:

For more information about how to download the backup file ConnectNC creates, read this article:

We expect that you have basic computer skills and a basic understanding of how the use the software installed on your computer. We cannot offer free training to users who need extra help learning to use email and other programs. We do, however, offer remote training for a fee. 

Please purchase a remote training session here:

If you are an email customer using or, we do only weekly backups for our own disaster recovery.  We urge you to maintain your own computer backups.  If you need help developing a backup & recovery plan for personal or business use,  please contact us.  

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