Hosting and DSL customers may have recently noticed that ConnectNC has imposed sending limits. We apologize for the inconvenience, and want to explain the recent change.

We will work with you to set your account limit to something that will work for you. ?Please open a ticket with us if you're having trouble sending.

Also be aware that it's highly unusual to encounter a hosting or internet provider that does not impose sending limits. ?In most cases, we've seen that limit set to anything between 50 and 250 messages per hour. ?We chose to set hosting to a liberal 250 messages per hour. ?DSL ( accounts are permitted to send to 25 recipients at a time.

If you need something for commercial mailings, we recommend Constant Contact. ?You can sign up through ConnectNC here >?

Please understand that we will only increase limits for full service business hosting accounts. ?If your business uses or email and needs to send mailings to more than 25 recipients, please contact us to convert your email account to a full service hosting account.

If ConnectNC receives any complaints of UCE about any of our email accounts, our policy is to terminate that account. ?If you send any email to AOL users, and they report your message as spam, AOL sends us the complaint and we must take action. ?We recommend that you NOT send any mass mailings to AOL accounts.

Contact us: ?

03/22/2012 15:52

Thursday, March 22, 2012

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