Adding a Forwarder

What is a Forwarder?

Please see caution below!

A forwarder is also called an alias. It's an email address that forwards to another address. It may or may not also be an actual email account.
Why would I need or want a forwarder?
You would use a forwarder to send a copy of email intended for one email address to another email address. In the following example, we want to send all mail destined for to
Example Forwarder Configuration
First, login to your control panel at (replace with your actual site's address).  Then find the Mail section. Find Forwarders and click on it. (See below)
Adding a forwarder cpanel step 1
Next, click the Add Forwarder button. (See below)
CPanel adding a forwarder step 2
Finally, as seen in the screen shot below, type in the address you wish to be forwarded (#1). This can be a new address, or an existing mailbox. Next, type in the destination email address. This email address must be a valid email address (#2).  Click on the Add Forwarder button. Now test to make sure your forwarder behaves as expected.
CPanel add a forwarder step 3


Because ConnectNC has no control over external mail servers or services, we don?t recommend the use of forwarding, and don't offer any support at all for forwarding. When you forward messages, they may be rejected by the destination server, they may be trapped by spam filtering or there may be delays or other non-delivery situations. Please use forwarding at your own risk and understand that we can offer no assistance with forwarding problems.

Please note that some hosting accounts do not have forwarding enabled.

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