Domain has exceeded the max emails per hour

ConnectNC's default maximum hourly email by domain relayed is 75 messages per hour.? If you would like to increase that for purposes of sending to larger groups of email recipients, we offer increased maximum hourly email packages:

  1. A static IP
  2. Starting sending limit of 1000 per hour (Blocks of 500 more messages per hour may be purchased for only $10 per month)
  3. Cost $49.99/month
  4. Configuration fee of $95


Since your domain has its own IP address, your emails should not be blacklisted by other email servers due to spam sent by other domains on our shared server.? If you find other email service providers (Gmail, Yahoo, Earthlink, etc.) are rejecting your emails, you will know it was caused by activity within your domain and not others.?

Please note:

  • This solution is an add-on solution to your already existing hosting account.
  • If another email service provider blacklists your emails due to your content and/or activity, and you find emails you are sending being returned by them, you can follow the instructions provided in the bounce backs, or hire ConnectNC at our hourly rate to perform the requests to be removed the by the blacklists, or obtain a new IP address for you.

Do you need to send more than 75 e-mail messages per hour? If so, please contact us to let us know. For security reasons, ConnectNC servers limit outgoing mail messages, but you can make arrangements to have your hourly limit increased. Please open a ticket at

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