Configure Windows Live Mail 2012 - New Account

This article is for customers who are setting up an account in Windows Live Mail for the first time.

- Open Windows Live Mail 2012.
- On the first screen (seen below), you will type in your full email address, your password and your real name.

Email address: ?you may use either or ?Please replace "youraddress" with your actual account name.
Password: ?This is the password you were given when you signed up for your account. ?If you do not remember your password, please call to have it reset.
Remember this password: ?Check this box if you don't want to have to enter your password each time you use Windows Live Mail 2012.
Manually configure server settings: ?Please check this box!
Click Next.

Live Mail 2012 add first new account
After clicking Next, you will enter the server settings. Take care to enter these values exactly as described!

Incoming server information
Server type: ? POP
Server address: ?
Port: 110
Login user name: ?your full email address

Outgoing server information
Server address: ?
Port: 25
Requires authentication: ?Place a check here

Please leave everything else as-is!

Click Next and then click Finish.
Live Mail 2012 Server Settings

Watch a video about this in a new window.
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