Configure 660 series router

Configuration Instructions


ZyXEL or Embarq P-660 series

ZyXEL P-600 series

Use Web Browser


Go to or

Click Login

Type users Password

Retype users Password


You will have to login again with your password


Click Wizard Setup


Mode = Routing

Encapsulation = PPPoE

Multiplex = LLC

VPI = 8

VCI = 35

Click Next


Service Name = CNC

User name = (users login) ex.

Password = (users password) ex: pass1234


IP Address

Obtain An IP Address Automatically



Connect on Demand: Max Idle Time Out = 0 sec


Network Address Translation

SUA Only


Click Next


Click Save settings


Click Start Diagnose

make note of any errors


Click Return to Main Menu

Click Firewall

Click Default Policy

On WAN to Wan /Router Change to Permit

Click Apply

Click Anti Probing

Respond to PING on LAN & WAN

Click Apply


Click Remote Management

Change Telnet to ALL

Change Web to LAN Only

Click Apply

Close the browser and test the connection

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