Barracuda Reputation System

Why have I received a message from the ConnectNC Mail Filter, telling me that my IP address listed on the Barracuda Reputation System as having a “poor” reputation?

The “poor” reputation may have been caused by one of the following reasons:

  • Your email server contains a virus and has been sending out spam.
  • Your email server may be misconfigured.
  • Your PC may be infected with a virus or botnet software program.
  • Someone in your organization may have a PC infected with a virus or botnet program.
  • You may be utilizing a dynamic IP address which was previously utilized by a known spammer.
  • Another customer of your ISP/hosting provider is a spammer, or has been reported as a spammer.
  • Your marketing department may be sending out bulk emails that do not comply with the CAN-SPAM Act.
  • You may have an insecure wireless network which is allowing unknown users to use your network to send spam.

Barracuda Networks is not attempting to block your individual emails in particular. The reputation system uses automated algorithms for determining its results — very similar to the anti-fraud mechanisms used for credit cards.

What you should do: Contact your Hosting or Internet Service Provider to inform them of the problem. If the IP address displayed in the message does not belong to ConnectNC, tech support will direct you to call the provider who owns that IP address, since the IP address owner will need to remedy the situation.

You should also request removal here: