Create Shortcut to Website on Desktop

In Internet Explorer:

  1. Click on File
  2. Click on Send
  3. Click on Shortcut to desktop
  4. When promted if you want to place shortcut on your desktop click yes

Wi-fi suddenly very slow?

Recently my home network download speed went from being fast to annoyingly slow. I have a cable connection, and use a wireless device to connect all of my computers, phones, tablet, game systems and printers. Everything goes through the wireless access point.

Up until a few weeks ago, everything was ok, so I assumed it was the cable company’s fault, of course.  I soon learned that was not the case. I could directly connect to my cable modem and get really fast download speeds. That meant it had to be my Cisco Linksys Wireless Router.  I suppose it’s old, in Internet time.  The router was working fine though.

I realized that there was a new wi-fi network in the neighborhood, and saw that three of us were using channel 6 for our networks. I suspected that could be the problem, and it was a correct assumption.  Once I changed the channel ID, I was back to 20 mbps, up from .05.  What a relief!



By the way, from the screen shot above, you can see why you should secure your network. Any neighbor or passerby could access your shared computers and printers once they’re on your network!  An open network is a bad idea.

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Wired technology writer suffers a major hack

Matt Honan recently found his digital life in a shambles. Bad guys were able to access his online accounts AND his personal computer.  They wiped every shred of data from his MacBook.

If Matt Honan, a technical writer for Wired Magazine,  can get hacked in such a fashion, so can any of us.  We now rely on our computers and the Internet for almost everything!  We store photos on our computers and in the cloud. We bank online. Who doesn’t order stuff online? Almost nobody!

The question is, what can you do to protect your accounts and your data?

Are you backing up your data?  If you are, are you backing up the right data?  

ConnectNC takes data protection seriously.  If you need our help getting the right stuff backed up, please give us call or open a ticket.  We have several backup options available, and can develop a plan for you or your business.

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