Online Backup for Microsoft Windows AND Macs!
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Please don’t be a victim of data loss!  If you are a HOME computer user, our rates are even lower!

Business Backup Solutions ** No Annual Contract!

Service Data Storage *Professional Install
Monthly Cost **Managed
0 GBs – 50 GBs Available OPTION $29.99 $59.99
Business Advanced ** Best Business Deal!
51 GBs – 100 GBs Available OPTION $79.99 $109.99
Enterprise 101 GBs – 200 GBs Available OPTION $109.99 $159.99
** $150 for Professional Install and backup/recovery plan.  **MANAGED service.  ConnectNC will document a backup and recovery plan for you and assist with recovery and provide quarterly maintenance checks to help you assure you are backing up the important files your business needs.  Don’t be a victim of data loss!

Please note:
1.    If you wish to continue to use this service after the expiration of your free trial, you must contact us to enable your account.
2.    Trial accounts have a default disk quota. If you require more space, then please contact us after you have installed the software.
3. ConnectNC, Inc. secure remote backup solutions were created to provide a safe, secure, and easy way for individuals and businesses to protect their valuable digital information. By combining an in-depth knowledge of the secure offsite backup technology industry with the power of technology itself, ConnectNC protects thousands of computers worldwide by providing powerful data protection for Windows file servers, desktops, notebooks, and business-critical applications AND NOW MACS!!!.

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