Auto Payments

If you pay by credit card it is important for you to notify us if your card is lost or stolen or you receive a renewed credit card after the one you have given us is expired.

If your credit card continuously does not clear, you may be charged 5% credit card reprocessing and late fee assessment. Accounts over 3 days past due will incur a 5% late fee assessment.

If you are a bank draft customer and you change accounts without notifying us at least 15 days before the end of the month, your draft will be rejected.

If your bank draft or personal check is dishonored for any reason, you will incur a $25.00 charge. We do retain a collection agency that collects these fees electronically if you do not pay us directly within 30 days after the fee is incurred.

Account Reactivation Policy

All recurring payments are due on the first day of each month. Payments made after the grace period of 3 days will incur a 5% late fee assessment.

To reactivate an account suspended due to nonpayment, you will need to pay all outstanding charges plus a $10.00 late fee. Web Site reactivation is $50.

If payment is not received within 30 days after account suspension, the account will be deleted from ConnectNC servers.

Account Cancellation Policy

In the event the need arises to cancel your ConnectNC Internet Access or Web Hosting Service, ConnectNC requires that you provide written notice of your intent to cancel service and the effective date of cancellation, allowing for advance notice of at least 10 business days.

If you have a prepaid account (any payments for more than one calendar month of service), your cancellation date will be the end of the prepaid period for service, as our policy does not allow for any refunds.

If you are set up for automatic payment with a credit card or bank draft, it is necessary to notify ConnectNC of your intent to cancel, and the effective date of cancellation, at least 15 days before your account is charged so that we can arrange to stop the automatic billing with your financial institution.

To cancel any accounts please call our billing department. You may be asked to provide a written cancellation letter.

Invoice Fees

Effective March 1, 2010, to encourage green practices, ConnectNC will allow all automated payment customers to take advantage of having NO invoice fee on their accounts. To do so please pay by Bank draft or Credit card on automated basis. All customers choosing paper invoices or non-automated payment methods will incur a $1 monthly invoice fee. Please note it is beneficial to also take advantage of automated payments to avoid the 5% late fees which could be incurred after 3 days past due date.